New Beginnings!


Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

My name is Phyllis Smith and I’m a fellow lover of this wonderful fashion world. I am a recent college graduate from Southern Illinois University, with a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising, and my specialization is styling. Fashion has always been exciting to me and my love grows for it more and more each day. I’m eager to start exploring the different avenues within fashion, and I plan to do so very soon.

 I would describe my style as sophisticated chic. However, I do like to change my look here and there to keep some excitement with my clothing choices. With this blog, I want to provide information on all things fashion and more. For instance, I want to talk about designers, stylists, celebrities and anything that has an influence in this industry. Also, I want to give my opinion on fashion news, trends and how to dress for you. In essence, I’m excited to start my blogging journey with my fellow fashion lovers!