No Money, No Problem: New looks on a Budget!

Hey Fashionistas,

Have you ever experienced a time where you had an event to attend, but felt like you did not have anything to wear? Or wanted a new outfit, but did not have the money to get anything new just yet? Well let me tell you that I have been through this dilemma plenty of times. However, I did not let that let that deter my fashion spirit! I started to create new looks within my closet. This really helps when you have key pieces in your wardrobe, such as a blazer, statement jewelry, a cardigan, or a printed scarf.

Nevertheless, you still can create different looks without these key pieces. The main thing is to make a simple ensemble, more of a wow factor. Accessories can turn an outfit from blah to more interesting. Also, you can just change how you wear a particular outfit. Explore your closet, pick an item, and dress it in many ways that you can to create a new look for you!

Example: Knitted sweater, styled in two different ways.

LOOK #1  Look #1

LOOK #2Look #2

Which one is your favorite?


Phyllis Smith