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Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

When you're watching a film or television show, there are many aspects put into it to make it was it is. One of the main aspects I pay attention to is the wardrobe. I love checking out the fashion each character has on. It definitely helps tell the story. For example, I never watched Sex and the City, but I had seen the second movie a few months back, and the fashion made me fall in love. I had to start catching up on the reruns. The character Carrie Bradshaw is a sex column writer that has so many obstacles with love. Through it all, she has impeccable style. I definitely can get some inspiration from her wardrobe. image


Then there is Scandal, one of my favorite shows out right now. The character Olivia Pope always gets it handled in style. Her wardrobe exudes sophistication. I was excited that the costume designer Lyn Paolo and Kerry Washington teamed up with The Limited to create a line based on her character. I even purchased one of the pieces! image

Another show is Pretty Little Liars, which also is a favorite of mine. The four main characters (Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily) are constantly watching their back, while trying to figure out different clues to finding out who "A" is. They all have their specific style and I love them all. I could see myself picking from each of their closets for style inspiration. image


Lastly, back when I was in high school, I loved the show Gossip Girl. One of the characters was Blair Waldorf. She had this bossy rich girl attitude, but I loved her preppy, girly style. I used to try to find pieces similar to her wardrobe. I definitely miss that show! image

Overall, I love how fashion is incorporated into film/television. I get to zone out into a different world and still check out various ensembles. All these characters are fabulous! Working as a costume designer is definitely an aspiration of mine. Can't wait to explore that world!

Comment below and tell me what is your favorite show or film that has great fashion?


Phyllis ♥

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