Get Styled!

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

This past Sunday I participated in a styling event presented by Var’geez Productions. The event was called Get Styled and held at the Spoil Me Hair Salon. It was really fun. I definitely enjoyed myself.

The day started out with all of the stylists figuring out whom their models were. We each were paired with one or two models. There were four boutiques in attendance that were gracious enough to let us use their clothing to style our models. Along with the boutiques were people there to do hair and makeup for each model. My model’s name was Gladys; I’ve worked with her before a few months back. For her look I chose neutral makeup and a topknot hairstyle. I created a sophisticated ensemble for Gladys. I chose pieces from Doll Revolution and Angela Boutique.


She's wearing a tan duster (Angela Boutique) paired with a bold orange blouse (Doll Revolution) that I tucked into her leggings. The statement necklace she is wearing is also from Angela Boutique and she's wearing peep toe nude wedges from her closet.To accentuate her waist I wanted to use a belt, but could not find one, so I used the one I was wearing. You have to work with what you have right? It worked perfectly. Many people liked how I put the different pieces together. Even with one of the boutiques I used, the owner personally told me they loved what I did with their piece. That was a great feeling. I enjoyed doing it. I do it because it's exciting!

Overall, we ended up presenting our looks to the audience and mingling with everyone. I am grateful for the experience and cannot wait for my upcoming styling ventures.


(Top right, fellow stylist Jon Fab and bottom left, artist J Groove)

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Phyllis ♥