Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to assist in styling for Surround Sound of Fashion's promo shoot. The model for the photoshoot was 2016 SSOF Female Brand Ambassador Yordanos Ghdey. She did an amazing job and was really nice. I enjoyed working with her.

Some of the designers used for the shoot were Iridium and Kiwi's Boutique. They are both located in the Chicago area. The Makeup artist, Landis did a great job. In between shots I was able to hear about how he got started doing makeup. Also, the photographer, Mike Jue helped create the vision of each shot with different settings within his studio. I thought it was really dope. This was my first time styling for a photoshoot at this level. Definitely enjoyed every moment of it and learned a lot. Check out behind the scenes of the photoshoot!




(Olive green dress from Kiwi's Boutique)


(Sheer jacket from Iridium)

Check out my Instagram page @phashionphorward to see a clip from K Shack (videographer) of the entire shoot! For more about SSOF, check out their website