Meeting Ruth Carter

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

This past Thursday was the start of New York Fashion Week, and to kick it off there was an event at a place called Sonos where costume designer Ruth E. Carter was speaking. As soon as I found out about the event I knew I had to attend. She spoke about how she started out in the industry and how fearless she was when it came to pursuing her path. You're so much more than a costume designer; you're a historian. Especially when you're doing a period film. There's a lot of research involved to make sure it's authentic. Also, she talked about how she came on board for Black Panther and how there were some trials, but came through with the help of certain people. Her most recent work that she is known for is Black Panther, but she's been a part of so many other films such as Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, What's Love Got To Do With It, and many more. One thing I had taken from her conversation with us is that you have to really listen when figuring out the vision of the project and know that you're not on your own when creating the wardrobe. It's a collective effort. At the end, I was happy to get a picture with her and let her know that I admire her work as I go through my journey as an up and coming costume designer.