Men's Fashion Monday

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

Have you all heard of Jidenna? He came out of nowhere, didn't he? I love his style! I noticed him a while back when I watched Janelle Monae's video to her song "Yoga." Then, "Classic Man" came out. I absolutely love that song! It's definitely catchy.

Now even though he's a rapper, he doesn't dress how many people would picture one. His style is inspired by the 1920s, and earlier eras. However, he says he wears it with a modern twist. Check him out!





Many people might wonder why he dresses the way he does, but I think it makes him stand out from the other artists. He's a dapper man.

What do you think of his style? Comment below.

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Phyllis ♥

Photo credit : Getty Images