DIY Clutch!

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

I love being creative and getting ideas on making different things. I've always wanted to try making my own clutch purse. Those of you that are fans of using Pinterest, know that it has tons of ideas on making just about anything whether it's fashion, food, home decor, etc. I loved the idea of a bow clutch, so I decided to make one.


(Olive green suede cloth and animal print lining)

I purchased some fabric and other materials I needed from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I'm always looking at fabric for my next project whenever I go there. As soon as I got home I started working on it.


Once all of my pieces were cut, it was time to start the sewing process. It didn't take that long to make, so I definitely made sure I finished. I'm excited with how it turned out!

image (6in x 10in clutch)


(Interior lining)


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Phyllis ♥

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